Introduction to International Commercial and Investment Arbitration

Course Description:

The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive, practically oriented overview of international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration law for students who are contemplating pursuit of a career, particularly in the private law firm context, involving international arbitration in or related to Germany and, for that matter, abroad. The theoretical and practical emphasis is, in roughly equal measure, on both civil law and common law approaches.


Class participation is expected and is critical to maximizing the benefit from the course. Grading will be based 25% on class participation and 75% on the exam. The following topics will be addressed in the 7 lectures:

Session 1: Key elements of international commercial arbitration

Session 2: The Arbitration Agreement

Session 3: Applicable procedural and substantive laws

Session 4: Key Elements of International Investment Arbitration

Session 5: Establishment of the arbitral tribunal, powers and duties of the arbitral tribunal

Session 6: Conduct of the arbitral proceedings and hearings

Session 7: The arbitral award, its challenge and its enforcement

Reading List:

Alan Redfern & Martin Hunter, Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration(Student Version, 6th ed.)

Credit Points:



Dr. Markus Burianski

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