Public M & A: A Comparative Approach

Course Description:

The course will cover the theory and practice of public M&A in Germany and the United States. It will be taught by two practitioners, one a German lawyer and investment banker, the other a U.S. lawyer, both with extensive international experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

It will focus on the similarity of problems and situations faced in an M&A context in Germany and the United States, contrast the different regulatory and legal approaches taken to dealing with similar issues and tie the differences back to fundamental choices concerning corporate governance and the regulation of securities markets as well as the narrower questions of takeover regulation involved. It will also explore the consequences for M&A practice of the respective approaches.

In the course, the students will be expected to become familiar with the regulatory system in both countries, whereby the German system will be considered in the broader context of European regulation of takeovers, and will be asked to reflect on and evaluate the policies underlying the different approaches taken by the two systems and the potential relevance for takeover regulation in their own countries. Students will be expected to participate actively in class and will be given case studies based on actual fact patterns to work through under the two systems.

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Patrick Kenadjian

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