Dr. Philipp Paech



Dr. Philipp Paech, Associate Professor of Law, LSE Law School and Visiting Professor, ILF


Dr. Philipp Paech is an educator, consultant and policy-maker specialising in regulation and the law of financial services for more than 20 years, for the past years focussing on Digital Finance / FinTech regulation. He was the chair of an EU Commission expert group on the regulation of digital finance (ROFIEG). His group’s recommendations became one of the foundational documents for the EU Digital Finance Strategy.  He is teaching and researching at London School of Economics and Political Science, which he regards as an incredible place to develop and test new ideas, both in terms of education and research. His educational portfolio comprises master courses on International Financial Regulation and International Financial Law, plus four executive master courses, including on Digital Finance.

Dr. Paech was an ILF Visiting Professor 2016-2019 and is joining the Institute again as from 2022-23.

He held a number of visiting appointments over the years, most recently as a visiting professor for Digital Finance / FinTech regulation at the European University Institute in Florence 2020-2022 and at Bocconi University in Milan in 2022. Starting from the academic year 2022-23 he will be a Distinguished Fellow and Visiting Professor at Notre Dame University (USA).

Dr. Paech is a fellow of the British Higher Education Academy and the educator part of his role is very close to his heart. He continuously works on improving students' learning experience, both at university and for his executives courses. He delivers content and builds skills in his students using an electrifying, innovative educational approach which won him the LSE teaching prize in 2018 and the ILF ‘Lecturer of the year’ recognition twice.

Dr. Paech believes that the way we all are teaching and learning has changed forever with the pandemic. This is why, in 2021, he set up an educational platform for financial regulation and policy conceived to teach skills that students need and want and that is more adapted to their individual situations, more environmentally friendly, and more equal.

Dr. Paech has assisted the ILF in setting up the European Digital Finance Programme ( of which he is the founding Director. He also work as a consultant in London and Frankfurt, including for institutional clients such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Santander, BVBA, the Central Bank of Ireland, and the European Parliament and the European Commission.


Dr. Paech has published widely on financial regulation and the commercial law of finance, as well as on blockchain, Digital Finance and Fintech.


Regulation of Crypto-assets and Crypto-asset Markets