Financing Options

A. Scholarships

I. ILF Scholarships (Financial Need-Based)

Financial assistance is available in the form of ILF scholarships that cover part of the tuition fees. The possible maximum amount of financial assistance for tuition fees which could be awarded by the ILF, if any at all, for the academic year 2018/2019 is EUR 6,000. This would mean that, at the very least, students will be required to bear the tuition fees of EUR 12,000 themselves.

Any application for financial assistance must be made at the same time as the application for admission. Subsequent applications for financial aid will not be considered. Documents supporting the application for financial assistance may follow the application itself.

II. Robert Koehler Scholarship (formerly “Georgieff Capital Scholarship”)

This scholarship is offered by Georgieff Capital ( in memoriam of its late chairman Robert Koehler.

Qualifying students who wish to be admitted to the LL.M. Finance course at the ILF can apply for the Robert Koehler Scholarship. The scholarship comprises of a tuition grant in the amount of EUR 10.000, as well as a three months internship at Georgieff Capital (six weeks between the winter and summer terms and six weeks immediately after the end of the summer term). Only one scholarship will be awarded every year on a strictly discretionary basis. If no applicant meets the scholarship requirements for that year, the scholarship provider reserves the right not to award the scholarship.

Candidates will have to demonstrate a strong academic record and be fluent in English. Their particular interest in corporate finance, including mergers & acquisitions, should be supported by their previous studies of economics, finance and/or corporate law, including a letter of recommendation from their course tutor/professor. They will already have gained some relevant professional work, research or internship experience, have acquired basic accounting and financial modelling skills and be familiar with standard office software.

During the internship, the successful candidate will become part of Georgieff Capital’s corporate finance team. She/he will be expected to independently perform market and company research assignments, to assist with the team’s preparation of client and project presentations concerning, inter alia, individual M&A and capital raising projects, to help monitor capital market developments relevant to individual clients and projects and will be exposed to corporate finance valuation techniques with a view towards acquiring the basic skills that are necessary to perform modular, or even complete, valuation related tasks.

If you wish to apply for this scholarship, please submit an additional letter stating your intention together with your LL.M. Finance program application and a letter of recommendation from your course tutor/professor in connection to your corporate finance affinity by no later than 31 March 2018.

About Robert Koehler:

Robert Koehler was a German industrialist who died in 2015 at age 66. He was chairman of Georgieff Capital since the firm's establishment in 2005. For more than twenty years, he served as CEO of SGL Carbon, a world leading graphite materials producer, and was a non-executive director of many well known German industrial companies, including Benteler (chairman), Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (chairman), Demag Cranes, Freudenberg, Klöckner & Co, Lanxess and Wacker Chemie.

Robert Koehler was an international businessman and global citizen. Besides his native language German, he was fluent in English and Spanish, owing to multiyear stays in the United Kingdom and Colombia while working at Hoechst. He travelled extensively in Asia, including Japan and China, whose huge potential he recognized early in his career and whose cultures he studied with great curiosity. Many executives, who have worked with or for him, were not only impressed by his ability to identify and analyze economic, regional and cultural trends, to think strategically and act accordingly but most of all by his relentlessness and fighting spirit when facing obstacles or challenges.

About Georgieff Capital:

Georgieff Capital, with offices in Koenigstein (near Frankfurt) and London, is a specialised investment banking firm which provides highly customised and complementary strategic financial advisory services to both corporate and investor clients.

Georgieff Capital dedicates the scholarship, which it has awarded since 2012 to qualifying students, to the memory of its late chairman Robert Koehler - an outstanding industrialist, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor and friend.     

Should you wish to apply for ILF Scholarships (Financial Need-Based), in case you do not receive the Robert Koehler Scholarship, you should also submit your application for ILF Scholarships (Financial Need-Based) at the same time as your application for the LL.M. Finance program. Subsequent applications for ILF Scholarships (Financial Need-Based) will not be considered.

B. External Financing Options

Applicants to our LL.M Finance program may wish to look into the following websites for more information regarding the possibility of obtaining scholarships. Please contact the responsible person of these scholarship providers regarding eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Scholarships are awarded to university graduates from all academic disciplines. We recommend that students consult the DAAD website early in their application process:

Alfred Toepfer Scholarships: Applicants below the age of 30 from Middle and Eastern Europe may apply for the scholarships which provide for costs of living in Germany. For more details, please see

Haniel Stiftung: Scholarship program for students from Central and Eastern Europe ("Go West - European Master's Degree & Internship"). See Haniel Stiftung

Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft: Scholarships are offered to applicants with different national backgrounds.Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft

You may also be interested in taking a look at the following websites where scholarships to students who share the same political views as the German political foundations:



Hanns Seidel Stiftung



Finally, there are also additional online financial aid databases:

We also strongly recommend you to contact the international office of your home university for information on scholarships and grants for nationals of your country to study in Germany.