• Columbia Law School
  • Boston University School of Law

Columbia Law School

The ILF has a student exchange program with the Law School of Columbia University, one of the most prominent law schools in the United States.

One student from the academic year 2019/20 who has a first degree in law and who has completed and particularly excelled duirng his/her studies at the ILF shall, upon the prior acceptance of Columbia Law School, be sent to New York, the world’s major financial center, to attend one semester of Columbia Law School's Juris Doctor (J.D.) program. Upon the successful completion of the course requirements at Columbia Law School, the students will receive official Columbia University transcripts indicating the courses which they have attended as well as the grades received for those courses.

On the other side of the exchange program, the ILF welcomes a student from Columbia Law School who joins the LL.M. Finance program for the full course of study and upon his/her successful completion of the program, will be awarded the LL.M. Finance degree.

(Photography credits to: Dustin Ross)

Boston University School of Law

Up to four LL.M. Finance students with a German First Legal State Examination qualification enrolled at the ILF will have the option to spend the first semester of the one-year program (i.e. winter semester) at Boston University School of Law by attending the school’s Graduate program in Banking and Financial law (http://www.bu.edu/law/prospective/llm/banking/). Upon the completion of the first semester, the ILF students will attend the second semester of the one-year program (i.e. summer semester) at the ILF and will then graduate with the LL.M. Finance degree from the ILF.

Starting in October 2015, 3rd-year students from BU Law School will be able to complete J.D. courses, earn an LL.M. in Finance and complete an international law or finance internship during their study period  at the ILF. 2nd-year BU Law students will also have the option to study at the ILF as visiting exchange students during the ILF summer semester and intern at an institution located in Frankfurt am Main over summer. See http://www.bu.edu/law/prospective/jd/abroad/index.html


In 2013, a cooperation agreement between the University FGV DIREITO RIO in Brazil and the ILF was signed for the exchange of 2 students per institution for 1 semester.

The semesters at FGV DIREITO RIO run from Feb to July and Aug to Dec. The courses are mainly held in Portuguese, with only two one-week courses per semester which are held in English where such courses are given by foreign professors. ILF students will be taking part in courses of the graduate specialization one-year program. The courses are listed at: direitorio.fgv.br/graduacao/grade-curricular.