The Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) will be hosting a zoom web information series in order to introduce our LL.M. Finance program! Interested candidates and prospective students will receive an insight into what it can be like to study for the Masters of Laws in Finance at the ILF and living in cosmopolitan Frankfurt! We will also be including a question and answer session that will provide you with the opportunity to voice any respective queries.

If you would like to learn more about our LL.M. Finance program you can register for one of our web dates by completing the registration process and selecting the recommended region or country indicated. If you would like to register for an alternative date to the one suggested for your region,  please proceed and do so since this is only a recommendation in order to enable us to answer questions dealing with visas and travel in your respective countries or regions more effectively.

Please be aware that the following time slots may be subject to change due to the German time shift on the proposed dates, so please tune in based on German Local Time.




Web Info Series Day / DateGerman Time (GMT+1:00) Recommended Time Slots for Web Info Series
Monday, 15.11.202111:00 am
Western Europe (GMT+01:00), Central Europe (GMT+02:00)
Wednesday, 17.11.202111:00 am
Eastern Europe (GMT+03:00), United Kingdom (GMT+01:00)
Thursday, 18.11.202111:00 am
India (GMT+5:30), Maldives (GMT+05:00), South Africa (GMT+2:00)
Thursday, 25.11.202105:00 pm
Boston USA (GMT-5:00), Canada (GMT-6:00), Brazil (-3:00)
Thursday, 2.12.202105:00 pmMexico (GMT-6:00), Peru (GMT-5:00), Chile (-4:00),Venezuela (-4:00)