Benjamin McIver, LL.M. Finance Class of 2022, speaks about the program he is attending at the Institute for Law and Finance.

Program Highlights

Numerous rapid changes in the global financial markets over the past few decades have dramatically altered the requirements for and contents of legal study. With the development of new financial instruments such as derivatives and international hedge funds as well as entirely new requirements for financial regulation, central banking and insolvency law, there is an urgent need for professionals to be trained in the qualitatively new and rapidly evolving areas of legal practice.

The LL.M. Finance degree program at the ILF will train you not only to deal with but also to excel in this increasingly important area where the worlds of international law and global finance meet. Up to about 50 students will be admitted in order to ensure academic excellence and direct, personal contact between students and the faculty.

The LL.M Finance program may be done on a part-time basis by completing the regular one-year LL.M. Finance program over a period of two years. The purpose of such an arrangement is to allow students to work part-time during their studies, thereby financing their studies at the ILF.

The Program is Interdisciplinary

The program overcomes the traditional separation of the academic disciplines of law and business/economics. The program teaches you aspects of both law and business/economics and focuses on their intersection and interplay. Thus, you will gain the competence and insights to appreciate the legal framework, constraints on economic decisions and economic consequences of legislative directives and legal practice. You will be taught by prominent academics and leading practitioners from both areas of expertise.

It is International

The program is international in every respect: our curriculum, our faculty and our students. The courses offered by the LL.M. Finance program include European and international corporate law, the law on capital markets and securities, law of project and acquisition and finance, law of commercial banking and investment banking as well as topics on European monetary policies and central banking. The LL.M. Finance degree program also offers a wide range of courses on specialized topics such as “Accounting”, “Insurance Law” and “Law of Business Taxation”. Our large faculty comes from over ten countries in Europe and the United States. In addion, our students come from all over the world – generally from more than 22 countries each year.

It Combines Theory & Practice

The curriculum will enable you to gain both a theoretical understanding as well as a practical insight into the specific requirements of banks and corporations, international law firms and accounting and auditing firms, the European Central Bank and Germany's Bundesbank.

This is because in addition to outstanding academics, the majority of our faculty consists of top practitioners from the fields of law, banking, central banking and financial regulation.

As an integral and important part of the LL.M. Finance degree program, you will also have the valuable opportunity to take part in a seven to eight weeks' internship at one of the ILF's various sponsors from the financial, regulatory, central banking, international law and accounting areas.

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