Curriculum Components

A. Coursework

In order to earn the LL.M. International Finance degree, students must acquire a minimum of 55 credit points through graded coursework. Credit points for a course are successfully acquired by receiving a passing grade after fulfilling the specific requirements of the course (e.g. prepared attendance, presentations and exams). Students are required to attend all 12 courses offered in the program and have to pass at least 11 of the courses.


The following mandatory introductory courses will be held at the start of the academic year:

B. Business and Legal English Parts 1 & 2

Students are required to attend and pass both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Business and Legal English course held during the 2 semesters.

C. Legal and Management Training

During a 4-week intensive period of the semester break usually starting in mid-February, students are required to participate in and complete the specially-organized Legal and Management Training Program. The topics dealt with during this intensive program include:

  • Communication across Cultures (Presentatation Skills I)
  • Communication across Cultures (Presentation Skills II)
  • Global Recruitment (CV / Resume writing)
  • Global Recruitment (Interview Skills)
  • International Business Communication (Effective Emailing I)
  • International Business Communication (Effective Emailing II)
  • International Business Communication (Successful Telephoning)
  • Advanced Legal & Business English
  • Field Trips to international firms and companies within the financial industry (e.g banks, law firms, accounting and consultancy firms, stock exchanges etc). Students will have the opportunty to attend lectures held by experts in their various fields and participate in interesting discussions.

D. Master’s Thesis

Students must submit a thesis of about 50 pages written within a 4-month period after the end of the courses on a subject agreed in consultation with the student’s thesis adviser. With the approval of the examinations committee, a thesis may also be completed by two students, provided that the part of each student allows for an individual grading of his or her work.

The students shall show in the thesis that they can carry out independent academic work and present the results appropriately. The final thesis will be reviewed by the student’s thesis adviser and by one additional examiner according to the regulations of the program. Theses could potentially be on any subject related to coursework conducted in the LL.M. International Finance program.


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