Curriculum Components

ComponentsCredits (Total =60)
A)Coursework - 9 courses 45
B)Master’s Thesis15
C)Additional Courses

A. Coursework

In order to earn the LL.M. International Finance degree, students must acquire a minimum of 45 credit points through graded coursework. Credit points for a course are successfully acquired by receiving a passing grade as a result of fulfilling the specific requirements of the course (e.g. prepared attendance, presentations and exams). Students are required to attend all 11 courses offered in the program and have to pass at least 9 of the courses.

Winter Semester

Summer Semester

*combined courses with LL.M. Finance students

# Business/Finance courses

INTRODUCTORY COURSES (no credit points awarded)

The following introductory courses will also be offered to the students:

  • Basics of Financial Mathematics
  • Basics of European Union Law

B. Master’s Thesis

Students must submit a thesis written within a 3-month period after the end of the courses on a subject agreed in consultation with the student’s thesis adviser. With the approval of the examinations committee, a thesis may also be completed by two students, provided that the part of each student allows for an individual grading of his or her work.

The students shall show in the thesis that they can carry out independent academic work and present the results appropriately. The final thesis will be reviewed by the student’s thesis adviser and by one additional examiner according to the regulations of the program. Theses could potentially be on any subject related to coursework conducted in the LL.M. International Finance program.

C. Additional Courses

During the semester as well as the break between the winter and summer semesters, specially-organized German language and Advanced Business and Legal English courses will be offered to the students. In addition, intensive intercultural and communications courses will be offered during the semester break. These courses form part of the mandatory curriculum of the program for all students.