24 June 2021, 16:00 hrs - 8th Deloitte Brexit Lecture – Webcast: "Brexit the Future of Europe"

As in our previous lecture in November 2020, we will shed light on the post-Brexit situation in the upcoming webcast.

Some time has passed since the United Kingdom left the EU, i.e. in February 2020. Unfortunately, in the meantime not all open questions could be clarified.

Issues much discussed in the press, such as the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which formally came into force on 1st May 2021, have left many people wondering what the future basis of relations between the EU and the UK will be.

Our speakers will give you their assessment of the current situation and will focus primarily on topics relating to the Financial Services Industry, while also touching on non-financial services topics.

This time, we are also proud to announce that we have been able to attract well known Brexit experts but also in person of Prof. Dr. Kämmerer, the co-editor and co-author of the recently published book "Brexit. Legal and Economic Aspects of a Political Divorce", which he will present.

You are invited to join us virtually as we discuss the Brexit-related future of Europe and the challenges and opportunities of this phase of Brexit.




Our speakers will cover a wide range of topics including the challenges and opportunities for financial services firms operating in the UK and EU, the legal and economic aspects of Brexit and the ongoing debate concerning Scottish independence. Additionally we will deal with questions of general interest.

Our confirmed speakers and topics are:

  • UK Inbound: PRA’s and FCA’s approaches to international firms setting up regulated entities in the UK
    David Strachan
    , Partner, Deloitte LLP
  • How Brexit changes the game in Frankfurt and how can Frankfurt change the game in Europe?
    Dr. Andreas Prechtel, Managing Director, Association of Foreign Banks
  • Book Presentation: Brexit. Legal and Economic Aspects of a Political Divorce
    Prof. Dr. Jörn Axel Kämmerer
    , Bucerius Law School Hamburg, Secretary General of the Societas Iuris Publici Europaei (SIPE)
  • Scexit? Possibilities and Consequences of a Scottish Independence
    Prof. Dr. Alexander Thiele
    , Professor, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

After each speech, which will take approximately 20 minutes, there will be time for discussion.

The presentations will be delivered in English.
The Chatham House Rules will apply to this lecture.


Thursday, 24th June 2021
Lecture start: 4:00 p.m. (s.t.), CET

If you would like to register, please complete the following registration form. Please note that tickets are limited, and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After you have registered, you will receive your access data 2 days before the event and shortly before the start of the event again.

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