14 June 2019: ILF Conference: "EDIS, NPLs, Sovereign Debt and Safe Assets"

Of the many issues concerning the completion of the European Banking Union, none has proven as intractable to date as the question of a European Deposit Insurance Scheme. The issue seems to come up at any meeting of bankers and regulators in Europe, but only in bits and pieces, without the participants being given the time to cover the full range of issues involved.

Therefore, the Institute for Law and Finance has organized a full day conference on the Westend Campus of the Goethe University in Frankfurt on Friday, June 14, to analyze the problem in depth. The program will cover the policy arguments pro and contra EDIS, the advantages and costs European banks expect for themselves and their customers from EDIS, the current state of reduction of NPLs in Europe, the objections relating to the bank-sovereign debt nexus and the possibility of solving that problem through the issuance of “safe assets” and, finally, the actual design of EDIS. 
The confirmed faculty for the program includes senior spokesmen for all the major stakeholder groups involved, including senior representatives of the European Central Bank, the European Banking Authority, the Single Resolution Board, the European Commission, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the German Federal Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Italy and the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, management board members of German, Dutch and Italian banks, board members from European and German banking federations as well as prominent thought leaders in the area from the Max Planck Institute for Collective Goods, Bonn University, Bruegel and the Peterson Institute. We therefore expect an unusually open and frank debate of the issues involved. Anyone interested in the completion of the European Banking Union should attend.

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