Testimonials from Alumni

Ishan Zahoor
Jamia Millia Islamia, India
Class of 2019

"We were privileged to have acclaimed academicians teaching us the intricacies of law and finance. On top of that, we were showered with an array of accomplished practitioners from top law firms, giving us an insight into the operation of these laws. With subjects ranging from Corporate Finance, Acquisition Finance, Economics, M&A, to Capital Markets etc., these have equipped us with great foundational knowledge upon which anything could be built. Topics ranging from securitization to structural subordination to recharacterisation to the relevance of capital structure and even valuation of a firm have all been explicated and comprehended well, in the two short demanding semesters. The simple fact of having smaller classes with Socratic Method of discourses has been a major impetus to my new found cognitive narrative. This coupled with an opportunity to intern at a top law firm is an unsurpassable experience. As may be expected, there is no dearth of conferences in the House of Finance hosted by the ILF, which not only paves another way to supplement your knowledge but provides you with great opportunity to interact with potential employers. I was particularly interested in this interface of law with finance which has been so brilliantly structured at the ILF that I undoubtedly feel I have been armed with an arsenal ready to take over this financial/ legal world. Without doubt, there is not any other LL.M. in Banking, Finance and Securities Law which can come close to the one at the ILF. I can very well vouch on behalf of my classmates that this has been an experience of a lifetime which will keep us all well equipped to take on any challenge we face in our respective careers."

Yuqi Hu
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
Class of 2018

"The ILF is located in an international financial center with great potentials and opportunities. We learned from distinguished German and international lawyers and professors who are specialized in corporate finance, banking, capital markets and M&A issues and gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge and they combine our interests of law and finance. Here we meet our peers from all over the world with diversified backgrounds, study together and share different cultures. The LL.M. International Finance program is one of the best choices I have ever made. It provides me with exciting challenges, improvements, and a solid foundation to pursue my future career path. I would never forget my marvelous time here."

Antonius Herri Setianto
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Class of 2017

"I was impressed at the beginning of the academic year, where the ILF arranged introductory courses for the whole class. I personally gained a lot from these helpful introductory courses, especially for me who comes from a non-European country (Indonesia). As a student of the LL.M. International Finance program, my classmates and I must participate in the mandatory courses specifically tailored for Asian students. However, this should not be seen as a limitation because the ILF allows the Asian students to fully participate in and audit any other non-conflicting courses (though no credit points will be awarded for such audited courses). One thing for sure is that as most of the ILF lecturers are professors or practitioners from reputable law firms or authorities (like the ECB and BaFin), students will not only receive text-book based lectures, but the lecturers are willing to share their valuable lifetime experiences, the Dos and Don’ts as well as relevant problem solving strategies from actual cases and precedents. Indeed, it really feels like I am increasing the knowledge in my brain, yet the finish line is still a long journey ahead. I strongly believe that my whole experience gained at the ILF would open doors for me that may otherwise not be achievable."

Menghao Fu
Tongji University, China
Class of 2016

"The ILF provided us with the unique combination of law and finance courses, plus an exciting living experience in the heart of Germany. We learned from the most experienced partners from the best law firms, German financial supervisory authorities, and officials from German national banks. Nowhere else would we be lucky enough to have law firm partners with extensive rich experience in the legal ‘battlefield’ or regulators from BaFin who endeavored to hand down to us not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience, making us think in terms of what a good lawyer would do if a client would come with a problem. The finance components were another highlight. We have learned much more in the year at the ILF than we did in the four years of undergraduate studies which we have had. This academic achievement is everything that we had looked forward to and the program supports us to smoothly transform from being a student to being a lawyer."

Kaiqiang Fan
China University of Political Science and Law, China
Class of 2015

"Studying at the ILF helped me a lot as many courses were taught by experienced lawyers which means that the course contents were all very practical. On the other hand, the extra-curricular activities enriched the program by allowing us to visit European governmental institutions as well as major and well-known law firms and banks. These extra-curricular visits really broadened my horizon. In addition, ILF students had lots of opportunities to attend various conferences. I also appreciated the spectacular diversity offered at the ILF by experiencing the internationality of the program as well as the ambience of Frankfurt city, which has a perfect mix of modern and classic features."



ILF Alumna 2012-13

我对ILF的LLM项目很满意。这里提供的法律课程为非诉律师量身定制, 覆盖了执业的主要领域; 金融的
部分则助于加深对商业部门法的理解, 赋予看待法律问题的新视角。相信这一年的学习会帮助我实现从

熊思淼, 北京大学法学院

I am very satisfied with the LL.M. program. The legal courses offered here cover the main areas of practice and are well tailored for business lawyers. The finance part is very beneficial as it renders a different perspective and better understanding of legal issues. I am sure that the LL.M. program will help me bridge the gap between academic and professional life.

Simiao Xiong, Peking University Law School

ILF Alumna 2012-13


李若灵, 西南财经大学

I have gained a very good insight into how theories are applied in practice by attending the courses taught by lecturers from law firms. Also, the combined study of finance and law enables me to make sound connections between business-related facts and the rules of law when analyzing cases which require knowledge in both fields. I enjoyed the well-structured study at ILF which deepens my understanding of law as well as strengthens my self-discipline. I believe that the year spent at the ILF will play a very significant role in both my personal and my professional life.

Rouling Li, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

ILF Alumnus 2011-12



The study at the ILF broadens my horizon of legal research and grants me an access to the latest developments in the field of financial law. On this academic platform, I had the opportunity to communicate with top experts and scholars who give lectures on the new focuses in the areas of banking, capital markets and financial supervision in the EU and U.S. They not only expound the frameworks and theories, but also
introduce the operations and processes in practice, which strengthens my understanding of the structures of various financial instruments and the characteristics of financial markets. Thank you, ILF.

Wenyu Qian, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

ILF Alumna 2010-11

这个项目非常棒!在这LLM一年的学习中,我不仅系统地学习了大量的金融和法律知识,还获得了在国 际知名律所的实践经验,这为了我日后从事律师行业打下了坚实的基础。非常感谢ILF提供了这个项目,

毕然, 武汉大学

This program is terrific! During the one-year LL.M. program, I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge in both Law and Finance and have practiced in a reputed international law firm, which altogether have laid a solid foundation for my career as a lawyer. I really appreciate it that the ILF has provided me with this opportunity and I believe that this is the most valuable and unforgettable experience in my life!

Bi Ran,Wuhan University

Alumna 2009-10


林淼, 华东政法大学

Studying at the Institute for Law and Finance was a truly rewarding experience. It gave me a new perspective when dealing with the law and applying it in the context of corporate financing. In addition to learning substantive law, finance and economics, I value the insights and practical experience which I gained from experienced attorneys giving their lectures. From this program, I got to learn various types of financing available to companies and how they are structured and documented. I was also guided to think from standpoints of different market players, either as a company official, a banker or an attorney. This helped me gain a comprehensive understanding for my current work.

Miao Lin, East China University of Political Science and Law