The application deadlines for the 2024/25 program starting in October 2024 for students with the following nationalities are:

  • 15 May 2024: All countries where APS certificates are required (i.e. China, India, Mongolia and Vietnam)
  • 30 June 2024: All other nationalities
  • 31 July 2024: All EU/EEA countries, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Israel, South Korea and New Zealand
  • 15 August 2024: Residents in Germany

Why Study for an LL.M. Finance degree at the ILF?

  • An interdisciplinary curriculum with a great variety of courses
  • Lectures in both law and economics
  • A large faculty consisting of leading academics and practitioners
  • A program that is open to graduates of law, business or economics faculties
  • A seven to eight weeks' internship program at leading international institutions, offering work experience and an opportunity to establish professional contacts
  • A location in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe
  • A small student body, which ensures an intensive learning experience
  • A truly international curriculum, faculty and student body

Numerous rapid changes in the global financial markets over the past few decades have dramatically altered the requirements for and the contents of legal study. With the development of new financial instruments such as derivatives and international hedge funds as well as entirely new requirements for financial regulation, central banking and insolvency law, there is an urgent need for professionals to be trained in the qualitatively new and rapidly evolving areas of legal practice.

The LL.M. Finance degree program at the ILF will train you not only to deal with but also to excel in this increasingly important area where the worlds of international law and global finance meet. Up to around 50 students will be admitted in order to ensure academic excellence and direct, personal contact between students and the faculty.

The Program is Interdisciplinary

The program overcomes the traditional separation of the academic disciplines of law and business/economics. The program teaches you aspects of both law and business/economics and focuses on their intersection and interplay. Thus, you will gain the competence and insights to appreciate the legal framework, constraints on economic decisions and economic consequences of legislative directives and legal practice. You will be taught by prominent academics and leading practitioners from both areas of expertise.

It Combines Theory & Practice

The curriculum will enable you to gain both a theoretical understanding as well as a practical insight into the specific requirements of banks and corporations, international law firms, accounting and auditing firms, the European Central Bank and Germany's Bundesbank. This is because in addition to outstanding academics, the majority of our faculty consists of top practitioners from the fields of law, banking, central banking and financial regulation.

As an integral and important part of the LL.M. Finance degree program, you will also have the valuable opportunity to take part in a seven to eight weeks' internship at one of the ILF's various sponsors from the financial, regulatory, central banking, international law and accounting areas.

Interested in Studying Part-Time?

The ILF offers students who wish to complete the LL.M. Finance program while continuing with their pre-existing employment, the option to extend their studies by one or two semesters so that they can take a reduced course load while continuing to fulfill their professional obligations. Students who are interested in this option must apply for approval to take a reduced course load.

If you decide to do the program on a part-time basis, you will be required to accumulate at least 90 credit points over a period of 2 years instead of 1 year. Of the 90 credit points, 60 credit points shall arise from the successful completion of twelve 5-credit courses. This means that you will have to take at least 3 courses per semester in order to have 12 courses completed by the end of the 2-year (or 4 semesters) period.

Depending on the scheduling of the individual courses selected by you, you will probably have to attend classes at least once a week for each course selected. As you have continued with your employment, you may request an exemption of the internship requirement of the program regulations. Students who have opted for a full-time program will not be allowed to switch to the part-time program after the start of the program.

Conferment of Degree and Accreditation


The LL.M. Finance and LL.M. International Finance degrees are conferred by the Faculty of Law of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

In July 2021, both our LL.M. Finance and LL.M. International Finance programs were officially re-accredited via the Goethe University System Accreditation Process until 2029! Our two LL.M. programs were re-accredited after undergoing a stringent process which involved a thorough review and analysis of the programs and their individual components as well as intensive discussions conducted with current students, alumni, lecturers and administrative staff.

This award of an 8-year re-accreditation period until 2029 builds on our 20 years of expertise in education and training in the fields of law and finance relevant for Master’s programs. It further affirms our commitment to academic excellence, continuous progress and ongoing improvement.


Jennifer Schmid

Admissions & Recruiting Manager

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