Capital Markets & Public Takeover Conference held in cooperation with Hogan Lovells on 19 November 2019

On Tuesday, 19  November 2019, the ILF hosted the Capital Markets & Public Takeover Conference in cooperation with Hogan Lovells. Around 150 participants attended the event held at the Crystal Ball Room of Jumeirah Hotel located in the city center of Frankfurt.

The conference was opened by Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn, ILF Executive Director, together with Prof. Dr. Michael Schlitt, Partner from Hogan Lovells, who introduced the expert speakers.

The program delivered nine interesting speeches which were held by the following speakers:

Aktuelle Aspekte der Ad hoc-Publizität und des Market Sounding
Cosef Can
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht

Aktuelle Aspekte der Organhaftung
Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn, LL.M.
Institute for Law & Finance, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Private Platzierungen im Vorfeld von Börsengängen
Andreas Franzen
Deutsche Bank

Aktuelle rechtliche Aspekte des Übernahmerechts
Dr. Tim Oliver Brandi, LL.M. / Birgit Reese
Hogan Lovells

Aktuelle Trends bei Public M&A und ECM-Transaktionen
Benedikt Schoeps
J.P. Morgan

Euro-on-Ledger and Tokenization of Industrial Assets: Blockchain Innovations that will Change the World
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Frankfurt School of Finance

Update on Shareholder Activism in Europe
Dominik Bär / Alexander Lotz

Aktuelle Entwicklungen bei der Strukturierung Kapitalmarkt-Transaktionen
Prof. Dr. Michael Schlitt / Dr. Susanne Ries
Hogan Lovells

Verzinsung von Kapitalmarktprodukten - Neue Entwicklungen bei Benchmarks
Johannes Rothmund


The conference ended with a Get-Together, where the speakers and guests had the chance to network and enjoy the rest of the evening.


Conference Materials