Career Workshop "Cracking the Code of Interviews - How to breeze through your interview with confidence!" with Clifford Chance on 23 June 2023

Students and alumni of the ILF were cordially invited to attend the Career Workshop "CRACKING THE CODE OF INTERVIEWS - How to breeze through your interview with confidence!“ at the ILF which was organised by the ILF together with Clifford Chance on 23 June 2023.
After the welcoming remarks were delivered by Dr. Rolf Friedewald, Managing Director of the ILF,  the workshop kicked off with a presentation held by Ms. Johanna Kraiß, Talent Aquisition, about the Do's and Don'ts when applying for jobs at a top tier law firm like Clifford Chance from the perspective of Human Resources Department. Ms. Kraiß emphasized, in particular, the importance of the first impression, and gave tips on how to prepare the written application, including templates and how to present oneself in general during an interview.

Thereafter, Mr. Andreas Ruthemeyer, Counsel, and Ms. Sindana Ulaganathan, Associate and ILF Alumna, gave an insight into the perspectives of the interviewing Practice Groups, and guidance on what to avoid and how to approach particular situations and questions. The talk also dealt with the market situation for young lawyers seeking jobs in Germany with a specific focus on the situation of international qualified lawyers.

During the Q&A session, our students and alumni could share their views and questions as well as engage in discussions with the speakers.

The Career Workshop concluded with a get-together in the foyer of the House of Finance where students and alumni could continue further discussions with the speakers from Clifford Chance.