Cooperation Agreement signed in Dec 2015 with the School of Finance of Renmin University, Beijing

The School of Finance of Renmin University in Beijing and the ILF have signed an cooperation agreement setting out the opportunities of an academic cooperation in the future. The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn, ILF Excutive Director, as the result of discussions which took place during a visit of an ILF delegation to China in November 2015.

During the visit at the School of Finance, the ILF delegation led by Dr. Rolf Friedewald, Managing Director, Ms. Shen Dee Kobbelt, Head of Programs and Marketing and Ms. Chongxiang Chen, Admissions and Marketing Manager was graciously received by Prof. Jianhua Gang, Deputy Director of Finance and Mr. Kun Fang, Secretary for International Communication.

The cooperation agreement between both parties includes the establishment of a full-time dual-Master degree program. Chinese as well as international students from Master of Finance, Master of Taxation, Master of Insurance and Master of Economics in Finance (international program conducted in English) programs at Renmin University will have the opportunity to spend one year at the ILF to pursue an LL.M. Finance or LL.M. International Finance degree during their second year of study. After successful completion of the two-year study, students will receive a Master’s degree from School of Finance, Renmin University and a Master’s degree from the ILF, Goethe University Frankfurt.  

ILF students will also have the opportunity to pursue one of the above mentioned Master’s degrees offered by Remin University after completing the LL.M. Finance or LL.M. International Finance program in Frankfurt.