Corporate Social Responsibility Project of the ILF Class of 2013 “Girl Effect”

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Project of the Class of 2013 "Girl Effect" supports the special needs of girls in the world for education and for equal opportunities. It builds on the fact that the Girl Effect really begins and change starts to take place when the power and potential of girls are raised to global consciousness. Girl Effect aims to be part of that change. For this goal, the ILF Students of 2012/13 chose to support a project in Uganda on Teen Girls Health & Empowerment. The project will allow girls to attend workshops which will give them the skills, education, peer support and role models they need in order to succeed in life and be leaders in their communities. These are in particular skills and lessons which they do not acquire or are not taught in their home environment or at school. In the long run, the project targets to improve maternal health in Uganda. Through education and empowerment, these workshops prevent future birth complications related to teen pregnancy and helps to empower women as leaders in their community.

Under the lead of Ms. Ege Berber, an ILF student from Turkey, the project work of the ILF Class of 2013 increases the awareness for this important social issue. On 1 July 2013, a group of class members including Ms. Michelle Dalton, Ms. Xiaoxing Zhao, Ms. Alexia Arampatzi, Ms. Chiara Fogo and Ms. Severina Trifonova informed the visitors bout the initiative via a stand and illustrations posted on a pinwall at a conference co-hosted by the ILF. Donations in the amount of almost Euro 250 which will financially support the needs of these girls were given at the conference. Mr. Hau Le also collected additional donations at another event with the Vietnamese community.

At the upcoming Graduation Event on 19 July 2013, the students will be informing their families, friends and the board members of the ILF about the necessity of this cause and request their kind support.