EMTTLF Partners Meet in Frankfurt am Main

On 20 and 21 February 2012, representatives of the EMTTLF partner universities of Deusto, Spain, Tilburg, Netherlands, Strasbourg, France, and of the ILF met in Frankfurt am Main to select the next group of students to be admitted to the upcoming two-year Erasmus Mundus European Master for Transnational Trade Law and Finance program.

They also discussed issues regarding the current program and possible future developments of this successful cooperation. The EMTTLF program was established in 2007 and promotes the excellent position of the European Union in the field of education. The EU also finances stipends for a certain number of students participating in this program.

At the end of their discussions, Prof. Maria Pilar Canedo Arrillaga, Iraxe San Miguel of Deusto University. Prof. Michel Stork of  Strasbourg University, Prof. Ger van der Sangen of Tilburg University, Dr. Rolf Friedewald and Ms. Jennifer Schmid of the ILF accepted an invitation by Ms. Doris Schwerdtfeger, Group Communications Commerzbank and Head of the Foundation Centre of Commerzbank AG, to visit the Commerzbank Tower and take a look at the skyline of the city.