Field Trip to Munich from 13 to 15 March 2024 for LL.M. International Finance Students

In an enriching culmination to their Legal and Management Training Program, our students from the LL.M. International Finance course had the opportunity to explore Munich from 13 to 15 March 2024, combining their learning experience with practical insights into the fields of law and finance.

Embarking on this educational journey, the cohort set off to Munich via an ICE train on 13 March. Their exploration began with an audio-guided bus tour through iconic landmarks including Marienplatz, the Opera, Theatine Church, and Nymphenburg Castle, ending at BMW Welt for an immersive tour and enlightening presentation. The group was received by Dr. Cosmas Asam and Dr. Stefan Schroecker, the Head of BMW Group Corporate Audit and the Assistant General Counsel at BMW respectively. This unique opportunity provided students with insights into the corporate strategies and operational set-up at one of the world’s leading automotive companies.

The following day commenced with a deep dive into international business practices with Ms. Sumiko Sato at Gleiss Lutz, who spoke about "Doing Business in Germany" and the intricacies and cultural differences at the workplace. This was complemented by an insider's view into the operational and legal frameworks at Allianz SE given by Dr. Hans-Konrad Ress, Ms. Lia Nieper, and Mr. Markus Pfadt. The visit to Allianz's headquarters revealed a unique blend of corporate culture and creativity, from its bowling alley to art installations. A traditional Bavarian dinner at the historic Munich Ratskeller, dating back to 1874, offered a perfect end to the day, allowing students to soak in the local culture and cuisine at this renowned venue in the heart of Munich.

The final day of the excursion introduced the students to the specialized world of Intellectual Property Law at Stolmár & Partner. Dr. Denise Nestle-Nguyen and Alejandro Croci provided comprehensive insights into IP law's relevance in mergers and acquisitions, and beyond, thus broadening the students' legal horizons.

This special field trip orgnaized during springtime in Munich underscores our commitment to provide our students with hands-on learning experiences that bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world application, preparing them for success in the global legal landscape.