Graduation of the ILF Class of 2019 on 20 July 2019

Another academic year of teaching has come to a close at the ILF. We are delighted to have been able to celebrate our students’ achievements at their graduation event on 20 July 2019. Graduates, guests, academic and administrative staff of the ILF came together to mark this occasion. The graduating class of 68 students from 23 nations comprising 46 graduates from the LL.M. Finance program and 22 graduates from the LL.M. International Finance program were welcomed to the House of Finance for their final event of the year.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn, ILF Executive Director, opened the graduation ceremony by welcoming 250 guests from around the world to Frankfurt. He noted during his speech that this is an important time for choice, to reflect on the choices that had led the students to the ILF and the choices all our graduates must make in life and in their careers. He reflected on the last 10 months of study and praised the group for coming together, once strangers, now friends and peers in academia and hopefully much more. Finally, he thanked the lecturers, sponsors and ILF administration for their continuous commitment and support of the ILF.

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Cordes, Dean of the Law Faculty, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, was honoured to be at the graduation ceremony and to see the ILF Class of 2019 graduating from a wonderful and thriving program which has made huge developments since its establishment in 2002. He was highly impressed with the variety and internationality of the graduates and the fact that they come from 23 different countries. He warmly congratulated our graduates for their achievements and wished them the best for the future as our valued and ever growing alumni.

The LL.M. Finance Class President, Mr. Michalis Makris from Greece, and the LL.M. International Finance Class President, Mr. Ishan Zahoor from India, related their experiences at the classes and activities held at the ILF during their year of study. Both Presidents reminisced on times that were enjoyable, such as class trips and late nights in Frankfurt, however both also remembered the challenging moments as those are the experiences that allow our students to grow, pushed out of their comfort zones and taking on new challenges. Special thanks was extended to Dr. Friedewald as the graduating class recognized his dedication to each student as they attend the ILF.  

Our Class Vice-Presidents, Ms. Carla Winslow-Kruger from USA/Germany and Mr. Xiran Li from China, honored four lecturers, two from the winter semester and two from the summer semester, with the Lecturer of the Year 2019 Award, nominated by each group of students. Our Class VPs expressed their gratitude on behalf of their classmates, thanking each lecturer for their dedication over the term. Mr. Frank Herring, who was present to receive his awards, thanked the classes for nominating him and in his speech, emphasized the importance of showing their strengths of character when making decisions in their future careers. Professor Cahn thanked the LL.M. International Finance class for his award, noting the achievements of this program, which celebrates its fifth year in 2019. 

Winter Semester:

LL.M. Finance: Mr. Frank Herring

LL.M. International Finance: Dr. Rüdiger Litten

Summer Semester:

LL.M. Finance: Dr. Bernd Meyring

LL.M. International Finance: Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn

Finally, each student of the Class of 2019 received their certificate and was personally congratulated by Prof. Dr. Cordes during the commemorative certificates award ceremony.

At the end of the official ceremony, all guests were invited to the dinner and dance held at the Festsaal of the Casino Building on Campus Westend. At the dinner, our guests enjoyed a 15-minute video made by Dr. Rolf Friedewald, ILF Managing Director, recapping the special events of the Class of 2019 from field trips to Berlin, Heidelberg and Düsseldorf to conferences and Alumni events hosted with ILF partners.

Celebrations continued late into the evening and we are delighted our students had a wonderful day with friends and family present.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!