Guest Lecture on 3 Dec 17 and Visit on 4 Dec 17 of Prof. Weiqiu Long, Dean of Law School of Beihang University

Prof. Weiqiu Long, Dean of the Law School of Beihang University, Beijing, China, held a guest lecture on the "Compilation and Creation of the Chinese Civil Code: A New Model of Heritage Fusion and Characteristic Development" at the ILF on 3 December 2017. About 35 Chinese current as well as former doctoral and master students of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and 5 students currently studying at the ILF, 2 ILF Alumna and the ILF Managing Director Dr. Rolf Friedewald attended the lecture on the draft Civil Code which will be discussed and adopted in the National People’s Congress in the beginning of 2018. The guest lecture of Prof. Long explained the different parts of the future Civil Code.

On the 4 November 2017, the delegation lead by Prof. Long met with Dr Friedewald and Ms. Shen-Dee Kobbelt, ILF Head of Programs and Marketing, after which a cooperation agreement between the Law School of Beihang University and the ILF was signed.