ILF 20th Anniversary Celebrations: Part 2 - The Gala Dinner at Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten

The ILF 20th Anniversary Celebrations continued with an exclusive Gala Dinner at the beautiful Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten. More than 280 ILF alumni, students, lecturers, and other special guests attended the event. The evening commenced on the terrace of the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten with a spectacular view of the Frankfurt skyline. All attendees were able to relish the perfect summer evening with a fine assortment of refreshments prior to entering the truly enchanting banquet hall for the gala dinner. The musical performance of the evening was introduced by Dr. Klaus Albert Bauer, ILF Lecturer. The distinguished music performer Paata Demurishvili and his group of musicians entertained the guests with their memorable jazz performance.

During the evening, Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn took the opportunity to reflect on the ILF’s special anniversary and thanked the guests for celebrating together with the ILF. He then proceeded to present the Dedicated Teaching Awards to the lecturers who were present at the dinner, giving them special thanks for their teaching work at the ILF. Prof. em. Dr. Rudolf Steinberg, the former President of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, was then invited to present Prof. Cahn with his own Dedicated Teaching Aaward trophy and offered a moving speech.  Ms. Shen Dee Kobbelt, ILF Head of Programs and Marketing, subsequently spoke on behalf of Dr. Friedewald, ILF Managing Director, and all other ILF team members and thanked Prof. Cahn for his remarkable contribution to the ILF. Prof. Cahn was presented with a small gift as a token of appreciation by ILF administration.

After the formalities ended, the guests continued to enjoy the evening and danced to a vast genre of music until the early hours of the morning. They had the chance to use the photo booth for party photos that was available that evening and also have pictures taken with the banner displaying the ILF 20 Year logo.

It was a fantastic evening with lots of catching up, laughing and having fun with lots of friends, both old and new!