ILF Book Series Vol. 25 on "Data, Digitalization, Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Digital Currencies The Future of Banking and Money" is now available

We are pleased to announce that the latest publication of the ILF Book Series Vol. 25 edited by Andreas Dombret and Patrick S. Kenadjian is now available:

Data, Digitalization, Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Future of Banking and Money


Here is a short description of the book:

Central Bank, digital currency

What is the future of banking and money? The road passes through data and digitalization at all levels of activity, from personal banking through publicly and privately issued digital currencies. But who is winning and losing ground in the banking sector? Do we really need central bank digital currencies and how should they and private digital currencies be designed and regulated to yield the maximum benefits while reducing the obvious dangers? How should we regulate the new digital technologies? This book
brings you the answers of senior public sector offi cials, industry leaders and leading academics. It is the tenth title in the Institute for Law and Finance’s series on the future of the financial sector.

Explains the motivations behind and policy justifications for retail central bank digital currencies. Examines the promise of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.