ILF Guest Lecture on Friday, 27 June, 12:00 pm by Professor Robin Hui Huang, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Private Enforcement of Securities Law in China: A Ten-year Retrospective and Empirical Assessment

Professor Robin Hui Huang is Director of Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development in the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he also serves as Assistant Dean (External Affairs – Asia). He is Adjunct Professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, Senior Fellow in the Law School of Melbourne University, as well as an elected member of the Executive Council of China Commercial Law Society. He has held visiting positions or has been invited to give talks at prestigious institutions such as the World Bank, Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Cambridge Law School, and Tsinghua Law School.

Professor Huang specializes in corporate law, securities regulation, financial markets and foreign investment, with a particular focus on Chinese and comparative law issues. He has published extensively in his areas of expertise, with articles published in some of the top-rated journals in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and elsewhere. These include the leading comparative law journals such as the American Journal of Comparative Law; leading specialist journals in various jurisdictions such as the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (US), Berkeley Business Law Journal (US), Journal of Corporate Law Studies (UK), Journal of Business Law (UK), Company and Securities Law Journal (Australia), Australian Journal of Corporate Law (Australia), Banking and Finance Law Review (Canada); and well-regarded generalist journals such as University of New South Wales Law Journal (Australia), Hong Kong Law Journal, Chinese Journal of Law [Faxue Yanjiu]. His forthcoming book, Securities and Capital Markets Law in China (Oxford University Press, UK) will provide a comprehensive and contextualized account of Chinese securities and capital markets law. 







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