ILF Guest Lecture on "International Arbitration in China" on 6 December 2022

On 6 December 2022, Dr. Joachim Glatter held a guest lecture on “International Arbitration in China” at the ILF. Dr. Rolf Friedewald, Managing Director of the ILF, cordially welcomed him and the guests attending this lecture and introduced him to the audience by mentioning milestones of his career and his expertise in cross-border business and transactions.

Dr. Glatter presented the legal framework of arbitration in China and provided valuable insights into the current legal status of international arbitration in China.  The presentation provided information on the resolution of disputes between foreign companies including their subsidiaries in China and Chinese companies. He explained the main differences between as well as the advantages of litigation and commercial arbitration and gave a basic overview of the Chinese judicial system. In his lecture, he elaborated on the structure of the international and national statutory regulations for international commercial arbitration in China. The important arbitration institutions in international Chinese business were mentioned.

Dr. Glatter presented statistics showing the increasing relevance of arbitration in practice. In his presentation, he distinguished domestic, foreign-related and foreign arbitral proceedings and awards. The limitations and restrictions on arbitrations in China were highlighted and Dr. Glatter referred to the planned changes in Chinese arbitration law. The proceedings and enforcement of arbitral awards, costs of arbitration in China and decisions of awards were discussed. State arbitration rules issued by Chinese arbitration institutions were also mentioned.

Finally, Dr. Glatter answered several interesting questions from the audience. Dr. Friedewald closed the guest lecture by thanking Dr. Glatter for his guest lecture at the ILF and expressing his hope that the successful economic cooperation and business relations between China and Germany will continue.

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