Online Conference with School of Civil and Commercial Law, Beijing Institution of Technology

To further broaden academic exchange channels with universities in China, ILF held an online conference with the School of Civil and Commercial Law of Beijing Institute of Tehnology, Zhuhai on 23 March 2022. Dr. Rolf Friedewald, Managing Director at the ILF, Ms. Irene Xu, Admissions and Marketing Manager and ILF Alumnus Mr. Chen Duan as well as Prof. Jianyu Wang, Dean of the School of Civil and Commercial Law, Mr. Xiaofeng Chen, the school’s General Branch Secretary of CPC, Mr. Shangqian Lu, Vice-Dean and Ms. Huiping Zhong, Associate Professor in Accounting, Finance and Corporate Finance attended the meeting.

Mr. Lu gave a brief introduction of the faculty, philosophy and curriculum of the school. He pointed out that the School of Civil and Commercial Law is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary foreign-related civil and commercial legal talents. The school has improved its curriculum and training programs based on students' ability requirements through market research and employer feedback. Through its cooperation with the ILF, it aims to further enhance teh students' professional level and legal literacy in order to meet the market demand for legal service talents. Prof. Wang highlighted that international cooperation and exchanges are crucial functions of universities and hoped that the "One Belt, One Road" initiative will link the two institutions for further exchanges in the future in terms of "3+1" international program. This meeting was an important step forward in the internationalization of the School of Civil and Commercial Law.

Dr. Friedewald gave a detailed background introduction on the ILF which was established as a non-profit foundation, sponsored and supported by leading commercial banks, international law firms and other prominent institutions. Professionals from these institutions are invited to transfer their knowledge and expertise to ILF’s students. First-rate universities in China including Renmin University of China, Fudan University and Zhejiang University are all partners of ILF.

Ms. Xu then introduced the LL.M. International Finance program offered at the ILF, including the nature of the program, the curriculum, the admission requirements and tuition fees, etc. The LL.M. International Finance program was launched in October 2014 and is dedicated to providing Asian students with interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training in European banking, securities and financial law.

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