Joint Conference of Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in cooperation with ABA Section of International Law and DAJV: "Data Protection – Challenges for Electronic Communication in Transatlantic Business"

A briefing and discussion session of Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in cooperation with the Section of International Law of the American Bar Association and the German American Lawyers’ Association (DAJV).

When using US communication or information Technology (IT) services, any transfer of personal data from Germany to the US needs to comply with German data privacy laws. Due to the vast presence of IT infrastructure outsourcing, cloud based services and social media as well as the high level of integration of IT services, a transfer of personal data, however, often remains unnoticed or without the necessary management supervision. With the recent NSA revelations, awareness increases and uncertainties rise.

In this briefing and discussion session, US and German business representatives and legal experts will discuss the challenges that multinational business enterprises face inattempting to comply with German data privacy laws while providing communication and IT infrastructure services, enforcing compliance policies and procedures, conducting cross-border investigations and executing transactions.

Who should attend?

Representatives of business enterprises, financial institutions and trade organizations with activities in the US or using US services as well as lawyers and compliance officers dealing with transatlantic business transactions