Legal and Management Training Program of the LL.M. International Finance Students from 13 February to 10 March 2017

During the period from 13 February to 10 March 2017, students of the LL.M. International Finance program attended the Legal and Management Training Program held at the ILF. Besides attending the Advcanced Legal and Business English Course and the Intercultutal Communication Course, the students also enjoyed a field trip to Munich from 15 to 17 March 2017 and also made a number of company visits to the international law firm Noerr, Nestle. Allianz Global Investors and the German Federal Bank as follows.

Visit to Noerr on 14 February 2017

Our students visited the international law firm Noerr which has its China Desk in Frankfurt office. Dr. Till Kosche, Partner, and the Senior Associates Dr. Kathrin Hoger, Mr. Nikolay Herber and Dr. Yifan Zhu were present to welcome our students. 

Dr. Kosche gave a general introduction of Noerr and its China Desk. Thereafter, Dr. Hoger held an illustrative presentation on the topic of "How To Do a Share Deal in Germany", providing students with practical knowledge of the time frame, various parties and legal work that could be involved in an share deal project. Thereafter, Mr. Herber and Dr. Zhu presented "International M&A Transactions - Tax Structure" with a complex comparison of different Chinese and German company structures for tax saving purposes. Finally, our students were added to the Noerr China Wechat group so that they could in touch with each other in the long run.

Visit to Nestle on 1 March 2017

The students visited Nestle Deutschland on the afternoon of 1 March at its German corporate headquarters. The visit was planned as a practical follow-up to the classroom discussions in the Intercultural Communication Course conducted by Ms. Ming Wong on various aspects of culture, specifically the role of food. In preparation for the visit, the student Mr. Junkai Dai gave a presentation on the company and compared it to some of its competitors in China. Our group were welcomed by Ms Nora Moebus of the Nestle Kompetenz Zentrum and Ms Anke Stübing who is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility. The students learnt about the history of Nestle and had discussions on nutrition, diet and eating styles, Nestle's own corporate research and development on food as well as the myths and facts surrounding its corporate social responsibility. Back on campus, another student Mr. Ran He gave a brief report on the visit to Nestle.

Visit to Allianz Global Investors on 8 March 2017

Our students attended an open day at the premises of Allianz Global Investors which had been organized by our lecturer, Dr. Oliver Heillan, Director, Infrastructure Equity. Legal & Compliance Europe. They were given an introduction to the world of asset management by Dr. Thomas Schindler, General Counsel Europe, and also insights into their Global Graduate Programs by Ms. Cosima Hinz, Talent Acquisition Manager.

Visit to the German Federal Bank on 9 March 2017

On 9 March 2017, the students visited the German Federal Bank and its affiliated money museum. They started the day by listening to a lecture held by Mr. Andre Kühne, Head of Group of Economic Education, University and Technical Central Bank Cooperation which ended at around lunch time. Thereafter, they visited the money museum located in the same building. Through this visit, the students had a gained better insight into the regulatory functions of German Federal Bank.