Legal & Management Training Program for LL.M. International Finance Students from 12 February to 9 March 2018

During the period from 12 February to 9 March 2018, students of the LL.M. International Finance program attended the Legal and Management Training Program held at the ILF. Besides going on a field trip to Hamburg as well as attending the Advanced  Legal and Business English Course and the Intercultural Communication Course, the students also enjoyed a spring festival celebration on 15 February 2018 at the House of Finance. In addition, they participated in a number of company visits to China Europe International Exchange AG, Noerr, King & Wood Mallesons as well as Allianz Global Investors. They also attended lectures at the ILF held by representatives from the Deutsche Börse, DZ Bank, and Dentons.

Visit to CEINEX on 20 February 2018

As the first company visit, the students had the chance to listen to Dr. Junjun Zhu, Director of Product of China Europe International Exchange AG, who introduced the history of CEINEX and its D stock product. Thereafter, Mr. Brendan Mueller, Senior Manager, introduced the ETF fund in detail in the Chinese language.

Lecture by Deutsche Börse on 22 February 2018

On 22 February 2018, the students welcomed Mr. Ernst Buenemann, Vice-President, Sales Asia & ME, and Ms. Karin Otto, Derivatives Strategy and Initiatives. The informative presentation on  "Deutsche Börse: Introduction to a global market infrastructure provider" helped to provide the students with a better idea on the history of the Deutsche Börse Group and its operations and current business development activities in the Asian region including China. This visit being right after the visit to CEINEX, which is a joint venture formed by Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Deutsche Börse AG (DBAG), and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), the students got an even clearer picture of the ongoing German-China partnership in the financial industry.

Visit to Noerr on 27 February 2018

Our students visited the international law firm Noerr which has its China Desk in the Frankfurt office. Dr. Till Kosche, Partner, Dr. Kathrin Hoger, Associate Partner, and Dr. Yifan Zhu, Senior Associate, were present to welcome our students. 

Dr. Kosche gave a general introduction of Noerr. Thereafter, Dr. Hoger held an illustrative presentation on the topic of "How To Do a Share Deal in Germany", providing students with practical knowledge of the time frame, various parties and legal work that could be involved in an share deal project. Thereafter, Dr. Zhu presented "International M&A Transactions - Tax Structure" with a complex comparison of different Chinese and German company structures for tax saving purposes.

Visit to Jil Sander Exhibition at the Museum for Applied Arts on 1 March 2018

As part of the Intercultural Communications Course, the lecturer Ms. Ming Wong brought our students to the Jil Sander Exhibition held at the Museum for Applied Arts which showcases the ingenuity and creative power of a designer. The students could then speak about intercultural incidents in which clothing play a role in subsequent classes. 

Visit to King & Wood Mallesons on 2 March 2018

Our students visited King & Wood Mallesons as a pre- meeting of the DAJV (German American Lawyers' Association) annual event. Dr. Sandra Link, Partner of KWM, gave a presentation on "East meets West - Intercultural Challenges in the M&A Process". Later on, our students had the chance to work together with other participants on a challenging M&A sample case: A Chinese buyer competing against a U.S. buyer for a traditional German family-owned business. During the case study, the students had a better understanding about international communications and its role in a M&A case.

Visit to Allianz Global Investors on 7 March 2018

Our students attended an open day at the premises of Allianz Global Investors which had been organized by our lecturer, Dr. Oliver Heiland, Director, Infrastructure Equity, Legal & Compliance Europe. They were given an introduction to the world of asset management by Dr. Thomas Schindler, General Counsel Europe. Ms. Imge Besenk, ILF alumna, made a detailed presentation about the Allianz Global Investors' Global Graduate Program. Two Chinese graduates who are part of the program were also introduced to the students and they provided insights into the program.

Lecture by DZ Bank on 8 March 2018

On 8 March 2018, Dr. Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking of DZ Bank AG, visited ILF. His presentation: "Cooperative Bank- Why Cooperative?" provided students insights about the role of cooperative banks in the German banking system.

Lecture by Dentons on 9 March 2018

On 9 March 2018, the students welcomed Mr. Heiko Heppner, Partner,Mr. Berhard Gemmel, Partner and Dr. Anna Kleemann, Lawyer at ILF. The presentation "Meet Dentons" explained in detail the firm’s operations and businesses throughout the world, its diversity, flexibility, and the role of digitalization. The subsequent Q&A session provided students with detailed information with regard to further application processes.