LL.M. Finance and LL.M. International Finance Programs 2017/18 Started on 4 October 2017!

The Orientation Meeting for both the LL.M. Finance and LL.M. International Finance programs was held on 4 October 2017. 64 students from 23 countries are studying at the ILF this academic year 2017/18. The ILF welcomed 46 students in the LLM. Finance program and 18 students in the LL.M. International Finance program. 

From 5 to 13 October 2017, our students attended the introductory courses "Basics of EU Law" and "Basics of Financial Mathematics" which are aimed to prepare them for the start of classes which officially began on Monday, 16 October 2017.

On Friday, 6 October, our students took part in city tours which have been specially organized for them so that they could find out more about Frankfurt, its history and interesting sights.

If you wish to be part of the<link llm-programs llm-finance application _blank external link in new> LL.M. Finance or  <link llm-programs llm-international-finance highlights internal-link external link in new>LL.M. International Finance program 2018/2019 which will start in October 2018, send your application documents to us now!

Applications received for the LL.M. Finance program will be processed from 15 November 2017 onwards.

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