Looking forward to meet our new ILF Class of 2020/21 on 23 October 2020! In-Person Classes to start on 2 November 2020!

After months of planning, organisation and preparation amidst the current Corona pandemic, we are happy that we will soon meet our new ILF Class of 2020/21!

On Friday, 23 October 2020, we will be hosting a Virtual Orientation Meeting where all students of the LL.M. Finance and LL.M. International Finance programs will have the opportunity to meet each other as well the staff of the ILF.  Information regarding the programs and its requirements, library and administrative matters and how classes will be carried out having in mind the Covid-19 crises will be carefully explained to all. 

From 26  to 31 October 2020, we will be holding 2 online introductory courses, namely "Basics of EU Law" and "Basics of Financial Mathematics" so as to provide our students with the necessary and relevant background training to successfully start off the official courses from 2 November onwards.

We are very proud to state that we plan to provide up to 75% in-person classes which will be held on Campus Westend of Goethe University from 2 November 2020 onwards subject to the hygiene and social distancing regulations of Goethe University and the German Ministry of Health.

In addition, we are planning city tours of Frankfurt in small groups for our students over 3 weekends!

We are excited about the arrival of our new students of the Class of 2020/21 soon!


House of Finance where in-person classes will be held

ILF Backpacks waiting for our students

Information Pack and Goethe Card