Luther FinTech Talks on 29 January 2016

On 29 January 2016, more than 80 participants attended the Luther Fintech Talks held at the ILF. Dr. Thomas Koch, Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, and Martin Korbmacher, Event Horizon Capital, were the moderators of the first panel discussion on the topic "Success Factors of FinTech - between Regulation and Innovation" ("Erfolgsfaktoren von FinTech – zwischen Regulierung und Innovation") given by the experts Dr. Oliver Vins, Vaamo Finanz AG, Lars Makull, figo GmbH, Wilhelm Niehoff, Bank-Verlag GmbH, Kai Panitzki, FinLab AG and Helmut Wacket, European Central Bank.

The second panel on "Success Factors of FinTech - 'Identity' and 'Creditworthiness' - Sustainable Building Blocks for Products " ("Erfolgsfaktoren von FinTech – „Identität“ und „Bonität“ – nachhaltige Bausteine von FinTech Produkten") was headed by Dr. Stefanie Hellmich, Luther Rechtsanwanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, and featured Frank Jorga, WebID Solutions GmbH, Todor Dobrikov and Dr. Eike Bick, both d-fine GmbH, Alexander Riesenkampff, ibondis Limited, and Tilo Walter, kantwert GmbH. Each panelist gave a short statement on the issues under review.

After the opening rounds of statements of the panelists and the subsequent discussions, the audience actively participated and asked many interesting questions about the new business models and the competitive environment of these start-up companies in the financial industry. At the conclusion of the panel discussions, the guests enjoyed the opportunity to network at a reception held at the foyer of the House of Finance of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.