New Student Exchange Program with Boston University School of Law Launched This Year

The ILF is launching a student exchange program as well as an international dual J.D./LL.M. program in partnership with Boston University School of Law in October this year.

LL.M. Finance students with a German First Legal State Examination qualification enrolled at the ILF will have the option to spend the first semester of the one-year program (i.e. winter semester) at Boston University School of Law by attending the school’s Graduate program in Banking and Financial law ( Upon the completion of the first semester, the ILF students will attend the second semester of the one-year program (i.e. summer semester) at the ILF and will then graduate with the LL.M. Finance degree from the ILF.

"We are very enthusiastic to partner with BU Law School," said Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn, ILF Executive Director and Professor. "This collaboration will enable our German law qualified students to learn about banking and financial services law from the U.S. perspective, and will greatly enhance their understanding of the global financial system."

Starting in October 2015, 3rd-year students from BU Law School will be able to complete J.D. courses, earn an LL.M. in Finance and complete an international law or finance internship during their study period  at the ILF. 2nd-year BU Law students will also have the option to study at the ILF as visiting exchange students during the ILF summer semester and intern at an institution located in Frankfurt am Main over summer. See

"Our new partnership with the ILF adds an attractive international option for our students interested in this dynamic field and in gaining hands-on experience in one of Europe’s most important economic markets." said Dean Maureen O’Rourke in a press release.

"The program’s internships at leading international law firms and financial institutions will guarantee that our students have direct career-enhancing practical training experiences when they study at ILF," said John Riccardi, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International programs. "This is truly a unique opportunity for our students interested in foreign studies and a nice complement to the six- and seven-semester J.D./LL.M. programs we offer in Boston through our own graduate program in banking and financial law."

Students with a German First Legal State Examination interested in spending one semester at Boston University School of Law and one semester at the ILF leading to a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Finance awarded by the ILF, please contact


Ms. Panagiota Bountrou 

Admissions and Recruitment Manager


Tel: 069 798 33624