Social Responsibility Project of the Class of 2012

The ILF Class of 2011/12 has taken the initiative to participate in socially responsible engagements in the city of Frankfurt.  Since a number of years, the staff of Institute for Law and Finance at Goethe University has encouraged a "Student Class Project" that brings students closer together by providing opportunities for outside-the-classroom experiences while simultaneously generating social welfare through community service activities and fundraisers. 

This year, the class president, Marilia Pefkianaki, and class vice president, Konstantin Vassilev, and fellow student, Benno Kohler, have organized the Student Class Project 2012 with help from the student body and the ILF staff.  The student body has decided to extend a helping hand to the state-sponsored organization known as Kita Frankfurt Kinderzentrum (Children Center) in the neighborhood of Gallus, Frankfurt am Main.

The Student Class Project consists of two projects that convey the well-rounded approach to community service.  They consist of a community service activity and a fundraiser.  All efforts and proceeds will directly benefit the state-sponsored organization known as Kita Frankfurt Kinderzentrum.  Supporting over 12,000 children with 2,000 extra-curricular activities at 140 different locations, Kita Frankfurt represents one of the most far reaching social-welfare organizations in the German Republic State of Hessen.  The specific state-sponsored children center that is being supported is the Kita "siebenundvierzig5" located in Gallus, Frankfurt am Main. 

On June 23, 7 students from the ILF participated in the children’s summer party hosted by the Kita Frankfurt in Gallus. Konstantin Vassilev, Benno Kohler, Genevia Adisasmito, Diana Daza Vallejos, Yiqing Huang, Wenyu Qian and Liliana Quinche Serrano helped set up, decorate, serve food and play with the children at a large children’s party with over one hundred children ages 3-12. A good time was had by all and the Kita was very appreciative of the students’ assistance!

In addition, an ongoing fundraiser is being conducted in order to raise scholarships for music lessons. The motto related to the fundraiser is "12 € pays for 1 month music school for 1 child". The music scholarships will be given to children whose parents not afford music lessons for their children.  During the ILF 10th Anniversary Celebrations on 4 & 5 May 2012, the students successfully raised enough funds to send five children to music lessons for six months.   

The fundraiser is ongoing and if anyone expresses an interest in it, do not hesitate to contact ILF student, Benno Kohler.