Students' Excursion to Strasbourg from 11 to 13 May 2017

ILF students and staff went on a class trip to Strasbourg from 11 to 13 May 2017. They travelled by bus on the morning of Thursday, 11 May, and after checking in at the hotel and having lunch, they made their way to the European Parliament where they listened to a presentation regarding the work of the European Parliament and received a tour of the building. After the visit, the students were split into two groups which then went on a one and a half hour walking city tour to view the sights and learn more about the city of Strasbourg. At the end of the tour, the 2 groups met again at a traditional restaurant Le Meiselocker for dinner and drinks. 

On the morning of Friday, 12 May, the students visited the European Court of Human Rights where they watched a film and attended a talk given by a lawyer at the Court's registry on the role and work of the court. Thereafter, the students had the rest of the day as well as Saturday morning off to further explore the city. The group finally left Strasbourg for Frankfurt on the afternoon of Saturday.   


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