Günter Dröse




Guenter Droese provides services as an independent consultant around Insurance and Risk Management after retirement from Deutsche Bank AG. 

Special interests

Günter Dröse was a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank AG and Deukona, the in-house broker. As Global Head of Corporate Insurance, he was responsible for design, structure and administration of the risk transfer into the insurance market, including the internal cost allocation, claims handling, captive insurance management and various contributions to operational risk quantification and reconciliation with the bank's regulator.


He has a diploma as a national / political economist and is a former senior account manager and senior underwriter of Germany's lead insurer Allianz AG. He is a former member of EIOPA´s Advisory Board, Efirm (Chair), DVS (member of the Board), and bfv.


Insurance and Risk Management Part I (Insured's Perspective), Insurance and Risk Management Part II (Insurer's Perspective)