Prof. Dr. Chiara Zilioli


General Counsel of the ECB, ECB agent for the cases in front of the ECJ in which the ECB is a party. Married, mother of 4 children.



1989 - 1993 Member of the Legal Service of the Council of the Union - Brussels

1994 - 1997 Lecturer of European Community Law at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt

Member of the Bar of Parma (Italy)

Until 1998, Senior Legal Counsel of the EMI

Head of Division and Deputy General Council of the ECB


Graduate in Law ("dottore in legge"), Università degli Studi di Parma, 1984.

Master "Giurista d’impresa", S.P.I.S.A., Università degli Studi di Bologna, 1985.

LL.M. Harvard Law School, 1990.

Ph.D. in International, Community and Comparative Law at the European University Institute of Florence, 1992.

Fulbright scholar (1988-1990)
Visiting scholar at the Max-Planck-Institut Heidelberg (1991-1992)
Alexander von Humboldt scholar (1994-1995)


The Law of the ECB, Hart, 2001 (with Selmayr) (in English)

Il risarcimento del danno derivante da incidenti industriali transnazionali, Giuffrè 1995 (in Italian)

22 Articles


Law of Central Banks