Why Study at the ILF?

The LL.M. Finance program offers the following unique combination of features:

  • An all-finance curriculum with a great variety of courses
  • Lectures in both law and economics
  • A large faculty consisting of leading academics and practitioners
  • A program that is open to graduates of law, business or economics faculties
  • A seven to eight weeks' internship program in leading international institutions, offering work experience and an opportunity to establish professional contacts
  • A location in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe
  • A small student body, which ensures an intensive learning experience
  • A truly international curriculum, faculty and student body

Michalis Makris, Greece, Class of 2019, Legal Counsel, Capital Markets, Delivery Hero, Berlin

"Coming to study at the ILF was my ticket to an academic and professional career outside of my home country. It was also a ticket to the heart of EU’s financial center and to a unique network building environment with colleagues from all around the world, most of whom I now have the privilege of calling friends. Working in the finance department of a big law firm in Greece I knew that I was gaining valuable experience which I would have to find the best way of exporting. I was determined to create a big scale job and life opportunity for myself. The ILF's LL.M. in Finance offered this opportunity in the best way possible: finance courses to complement my legal financial background, getting to be taught by some of the most renown experts in the city with a wide and diverse professional background, an internship opportunity which brought me to a Magic Circle Law Firm as an intern and part time employee thereafter. What is most astonishing is that post the completion of my studies at the ILF, I could choose what my next step would be: I had received job offers from a wide variety of players in the industry, i.e. ECB, law firms including the one I had my internship with, banks, advisory agencies etc. Joining the M&A and Capital Markets legal dept. of a fast growing tech company just before its entry into DAX proves that professional dreams do come true, as long as you stick to them, join the right programs to cultivate them further and remain market aware and intuitive. Proud to call myself an ILF ambassador – I would recommend it to all the aspiring colleagues out there who never stop dream big."

Sara Sepac, Croatia. Class of 2019, Lawyer, Pinsent Masons Germany LLP, Frankfurt

"After one year of graduating from ILF University, I can categorically say that choosing the ILF was one of my best decisions in my professional career and in my private life as well. The ILF opened the door of financial and law education for me and offered different types of studying that I did not have in my home country. The ILF is a place where you will learn how to think and how to use the gained knowledge. Being able to be tutored by the experts in their fields is extraordinary and priceless. There is no law school that gives their students the opportunity to study directly from practitioners which is all rounded with the internship with top tier law firms, banks, and companies. Being an ILF ambassador made me part of a wonderful community of people that I am proud to call my friends. The ILF enabled me to choose where I will work after gaining my degree and I knew I wanted to pursue my career in capital markets. I am happy to be able to say for myself that I worked for two great big law firms in Germany, Hogan Lovells International LLP and Pinsent Masons Germany LLP, all thanks to my ILF background. I would recommend the ILF to anyone who wants to widen their horizons and who doesn’t want to fit only one box."

Reetu Vishwakarma, India, Class of 2019, Foreign Lawyer, White & Case LLP, Frankfurt

"The LL.M. Finance at Institute for Law and Finance has a lot to offer. It is the course design that I find particularly enriching - the emphasis on applied approach and its interdisciplinary foundation enables an in-depth understanding of complex issues in the contemporary financial space. The finance courses augment the learning of a banking or finance lawyer into a more well-rounded knowledge base. The flexibility inbuilt in the course structure allows the students to take away a lot more than the mere mandatory. A significant advantage of the course lies in the internship which is a part of the programme and provides not just direct access to the market but often acts as a stepping-stone for further opportunities. In recent times, Frankfurt has been gaining an increasingly central spot in the financial landscape in Europe, and I think a plethora of opportunities lie ahead. ILF is a great way to get introduced to the city."

Kalin Ivanov, Bulgaria, Class of 2018, Foreign Associate, Linklaters LLP, Frankfurt

"The LL.M. Finance program attracts with a variety of legal and business courses. The legal subjects are not taught in isolation, but the emphasis is on the interplay between law and finance. Understanding the economic drivers behind the legal concepts is exceptionally important for a finance or corporate lawyer and this is one of the aspects which the ILF focuses on. The courses are taught by reputable and experienced practitioners from international organisations and strong academics with particularly intriguing approaches. Another advantage of the program is the two-month mandatory internship in international law firms or banks. During the internship, the students will be exposed to the practical issues which they have been studying at the ILF. The internship could be also the first step for a professional career in that firm or institution. In my case, it was a great opportunity as it provided me with the chance to prove myself and secure a job position in the law firm where I currently work. The ILF is not only a place to study but also a place to meet people from all around the globe and build invaluable network. Coming to study at the Institute for Law and Finance was a key decision for my career development and I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to pursue an international career in the financial sector."