Why Study at the ILF?

The LL.M. Finance program offers the following unique combination of features:

  • An all-finance curriculum with a great variety of courses
  • Lectures in both law and economics
  • A large faculty consisting of leading academics and practitioners
  • A program that is open to graduates of law, business or economics faculties
  • A seven to eight weeks' internship program in leading international institutions, offering work experience and an opportunity to establish professional contacts
  • A location in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe
  • A small student body, which ensures an intensive learning experience
  • A truly international curriculum, faculty and student body
Kalin Ivanov, Bulgaria, Class of 2018, Foreign Associate, Linklaters LLP, Frankfurt

"The LL.M. Finance program attracts with a variety of legal and business courses. The legal subjects are not taught in isolation, but the emphasis is on the interplay between law and finance. Understanding the economic drivers behind the legal concepts is exceptionally important for a finance or corporate lawyer and this is one of the aspects which the ILF focuses on. The courses are taught by reputable and experienced practitioners from international organisations and strong academics with particularly intriguing approaches. Another advantage of the program is the two-month mandatory internship in international law firms or banks. During the internship, the students will be exposed to the practical issues which they have been studying at the ILF. The internship could be also the first step for a professional career in that firm or institution. In my case, it was a great opportunity as it provided me with the chance to prove myself and secure a job position in the law firm where I currently work. The ILF is not only a place to study but also a place to meet people from all around the globe and build invaluable network. Coming to study at the Institute for Law and Finance was a key decision for my career development and I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to pursue an international career in the financial sector."

Mirko Kikkamägi, Estonia, Class of 2015,
Junior Counsel, TGS Baltic, Vilnius

Studying in the LL.M. Finance program is perfect for you if you are interested in discovering the world where law and finance meet! I found the course exceptionally interesting due to its practical approach to law. As the majority of the courses were taught by well-renowned top of the market practitioners, it gave me valuable knowledge and insight on how different legal issues are handled in the real world. This, supported with new knowledge in financial matters, helped me to better understand lawyersrole in financial transactions. I sincerely believe that the ILFs practical approach really prepares you for a demanding career in law or finance and in my mind, it is one of the reasons why the LL.M. Finance program so clearly stands out among other LL.M programs. Additionally, it is almost impossible to overstate the value of the internships which are part of the program. Whether it is in top international law firms, financial institutions or regulatory authorities, the experience you gain while working next to some of the best practitioners in the world is eye-opening and an education in itself. The internship can also open a lot of doors for your professional career, be it in Frankfurt or elsewhere. Therefore, I can say with utmost certainty that my decision to participate in the LL.M Finance program was the best decision of my life and I would recommend it to everyone who is considering a career in law or finance.

Iva Horcicova, Czech Republic, Class of 2012, Vice-President, ING, London

"The LL.M. Finance program represents a unique opportunity for both prospective lawyers and bankers. The program offers a mixture of legal and business courses which helped me to understand both commercial and legal aspects of financial transactions, hence providing me with a great competitve advantage in my career. The classes are taught predominantly by lawyers and bankers with high academic standards, focusing on current financial topics and transactions. In combination with a compulsory internship at one of the international law firms or banks, you obtain practical knowledge highly regarded by any prospective employer. At the same time, you build an invaluable network for your career. I also appreciate that the ILF is a smaller, focused and truly international institute providing high quality education and personalised service with a family-like atmosphere. Everybody knows your name even after couple of years and you are always welcomed to stop by and have a chat with anyone from the institute. All in all, I am very happy I decided to study at the ILF and could enjoy a fantastic year there. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who is thinking of an international career in law or finance."

Alvin Nithyanandh Nesaraj Selvam, India, Class of 2012, Senior Associate, Brookfield Asset Management, Mumbai

"My motivation to study at Institute for Law and Finance was primarily because of its creative and novel course structure and its highly qualified faculty. The program is rightly packed with essential components which an aspiring finance or a business lawyer would need to survive in the highly competitive world of law and finance. The classes are practical when approaching the concepts of law, business and finance. As most of the faculty members are working professionals and partners of elite institutions of law and finance they not only help you to understand the subject but also teaches you to apply them to real life situations. The ILF goes that extra mile to create business and professional networks for each and every participant of the course by organizing frequent seminars, educational trips and most of all, creating an all international experience where one could make social and business relationships with students from at least twenty different jurisdictions. Frankfurt, being the finance capital of the largest economy of Europe, together with the ILF, backed and encouraged by the 'who's who' of the legal and financial industries, gives the ILF the great potential to continue and further build up its success story. On the whole, the ILF serves as one huge repository of immense knowledge and plentiful contacts for each and everyone who is a part of it."

Aoife McCabe, Ireland, Class of 2010, Associate (Tax), Latham & Watkins, London

“My decision to study at the ILF has been one of the most important decisions of my career to date. The knowledge and experience which I gained during the LL.M. Finance program have led me to a rewarding career at one of the international law firms which sponsors the program. The curriculum offers a balance between academically challenging courses, as well as courses focusing on the practical elements of international financial transactions. Furthermore, the internship which forms part of the program offers an invaluable opportunity to establish contacts within one of the many international sponsor firms/institutions. I would thoroughly recommend the LL.M. Finance program to anybody seeking to improve their career opportunities and broaden their network of international contacts.”

Guilherme B. Reis, Brazil, Class of 2008, Director at Scotiabank, Toronto

"I had an amazing experience during the LL.M. Finance program at the Institute for Law and Finance in Frankfurt. Not only did I acquire important knowledge and skills but I also had the privilege to learn from the best teachers and meet colleagues from all over the world. The course offers a great balance between legal and business courses. In addition, the LL.M. program opened several windows for my professional life, for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to enjoy an international academic and professional experience as well as benefit from a wide range of knowledge and networking opportunities in an important financial center such as Frankfurt."

Vokhidjon Urinov, Uzbekistan, Class of 2008, Associate Professor at University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law

"ILF is a dynamic institution that offers numerous avenues for pursuing an international legal career. It is a graduate program not only for legal practitioners but also for students who seek to do cutting edge research. One of the strengths of ILF is its enthusiastic and outstanding professors. My years at the ILF were some of the most progressive years in my academic career. The background knowledge I obtained at ILF proved to be crucial for my progress and fostered an opportunity to become a PhD student at one of the best universities. My current PhD research at McGill University is a continuation of what I researched at ILF. ILF professors and its administration rendered tremendous support for realization of my future scholarly plans. I appreciate their efforts in providing education for international students, especially for those who are coming from developing countries."

Maxime Colle, Belgium, Class of 2004, Local Partner, Nauta Dutilh, Brussels (Photography credits to: Heijdendael & Annegarn)

"The ILF combines two important things for me. The first is a thorough study of both financial law and finance. The wide range of courses allows you to set up your own program and to build your expertise both generally in financial and corporate issues, as well as in a very specific area of your own choice. As a practitioner, not only having the legal knowledge in the sterile environment of an auditorium is important, even more important is knowing how to use that knowledge in real life situations outside the classrooms. The second point I want to draw attention to, is that having the bricks is one thing, knowing how to build a house with them, is quite another. The majority of the classes at the ILF is taught by some of the greatest respected specialists in their fields of business. This, combined with a two-month internship at an international organisation (investment bank, commercial bank, law firm), shows you how finance is done in real life. As a lawyer, every day you are working with clients, bankers and audit firms who have not necessarily studied law. Therefore, when advising a client, you must comprehend the financial part of the transaction, the commercial reason behind it, possible accounting issues and most of all, you have to be able to speak the language the CFO, the auditor or the investment banker uses. Also, in order to explain to them why a certain point in a transaction should legally be structured in a different manner, you must be able to think like them and show them that you understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. All these things I have learned during my LL.M. at the ILF."