Drafting of Contracts (Introductory Level)


Course Description:

This course is designed to give students without a prior legal background or those with no legal experience an insight into the principles of contract law and drafting of contracts, focusing on both principles of common law as well as civil law. Various types of contracts used in cross-border trade will be explained and discussed. Hands-on experience in drafting of contracts commonly used in international commercial transactions will be gained in this course.

The course will focus on the structuring of selected kinds of transactions as well as the type of language commonly used in such documents and, last but not least, on strategic drafting of key contractual clauses. The types of contracts discussed will include letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, sale and purchase agreements, license agreements, agency and distribution agreements, and merger and acquisition agreements, as well as joint venture agreements. The standard clauses used in various types of contracts such as choice of law, jurisdiction and arbitration clauses, purpose and function of preambles, etc. will be presented and explained at the beginning of the course before concentrating on specific types of contracts.

Students will be invited to actively participate in the exercise and contribute to the topics discussed both from economic points of view as well as their individual experiences.

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Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Salger