Anatomy and Analysis of an IPO


Course Description:

This course will provide an in-depth look inside  an initial public offering (IPO) as a means to understand how the markets for new issues work. It  will focus on the roles of the various participants in transactions, from both the practical and theoretical perspectives, looking at what they do in practice and their motivations for doing it. While the course will follow the chronology of an initial public offering of shares for its structure, it will touch on debt offerings and other kinds of capital markets issuances as well. 

The course will consider the reasons for conducting a capital markets transaction, the structural issues that arise along the way and the varying interests of and potential conflicts of interest among the participants. Later portions of the course will focus on how transactions are marketed and priced.  A significant focus of the course will be on current issues of policy confronting the capital markets.

Reading List:

  1. Charles J. Johnson, Jr. and Joseph McLaughlin: Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws, 4th Ed., Wolters Kluwer 2014
  2. Louis Loss, Joel Seligman and Troy Paredes:  Fundamentals of Securities Regulation, 6th Ed., Wolters Kluwer 2014
  3. Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers and Franklin Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance, 11th Ed., McGraw-Hill Irwin 2014

Credit Points:



Ward Greenberg