Basics of EU Law - Introductory Course (mandatory for all students)


Couse Description::

This course will be conducted before the start of the winter semester.

For business, competition and finance law in Europe, the law of the Union provides not only the structure, but also principles as well as detailed rules which govern both state economic policies and activities of private competitors. This course deals with the institutional back-ground, the making and the effects of European Union law in order to make specific legislation more easily accessible.



I. The development of European integration

  1. The EU and its components
  2. Some remarks on the history of European integration

II. Institutions

  1. Commission
  2. Council
  3. Parliament
  4. Court of JusticeI

II. Legislation and policy-making

  1. Activities (overview)
  2. Bases of competence
  3. Types of Union legislation: regulations, directives, decisions
  4. Legislative procedure
  5. Harmonisation and Coordination

IV. Aspects of substantive EU law

  1. Direct and indirect effect
  2. Individual rights and fundamental freedoms
  3. Some elements of competition law

V. EU law and national law

  1. EU law before national courts
  2. Supremacy
  3. Reservations by national courts

VI. The European judicial system

  1. Preliminary reference
  2. Review of legality
  3. Damages actions

VII. Enforcement action against Member States

There will be no written examination and no grading for this course.


Dr. Michael Ioannidis