Cooperation Models in the Financial Services Industry – Focus FinTech


Course Description:

The module illustrates how "traditional" financial service providers (banks, asset managers, payment service providers) cooperate with technology companies for this sector ("FinTech companies"). It is explained that cooperation and not disruption shapes the relationship between the two groups and what are the reasons for this. The learning content is essentially conveyed in the form of practical case studies.

In the introductory lecture, terms are defined that are relevant in the following, such as "financial services sector", "FinTech", "cooperation model". Subsequently, the economic significance of companies in the financial services sector is discussed and how the cooperation of different companies (horizontal and vertical cooperation) has shaped the global financial sector since the end of the Second World War.

The following case studies are presented and discussed over one or two courses:

Case study 1: Cooperation of a deposit-taking bank with a crowdfunding platform.

Case study 2: Cooperation of a custodian bank with a Robo Advisor and a financial portal.

Case study 3: Cooperation of a provider of mobile payment services in Africa with European banking partners

Case study 4: Cooperation of a CFD portal with online brokers

Case Study 5: Cooperation of a Global Asset Manager with a Global Risk Management Platform

Case Study 6: Digitisation and Stock Exchange Trading

Case study 7: Structuring of M&A transactions in the financial services sector

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Dr. Frank Herring