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Interested in finding out whether and to what extent you are eligible for our LL.M. International Finance program? Please send your CV to 

We will give you a quick and personal feedback on your overall eligibility. Eligible candidates will benefit from several advantages:

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  • Get the opportunity to attend one of our real classes, meet professors and students
  • Get in touch with students and alumni - learn from their first-hand experience
  • Get to visit us on campus and personally meet the Admissions staff at your preferred date and time


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We will treat your personal information confidentially. Any information provided will only be used for the purpose of assessing your eligibility and for us to give you thorough information regarding our program. No information will be passed on to a third party. Please note: We aim to always evaluate each profile carefully and provide accurate assessments. As we are currently receiving a great number of CVs, we will need some time to review your CV. You may expect a reply within 5 to 7 days. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!



Qionglan (Irene) Xu

Admissions & Marketing Manager

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