Capital Markets and Securities Law


Module Description:

This module covers the law and practice of international capital markets. It explains traditional and structured capital market products with a focus on the underlying legal methods, economic incentives and the legislatory and legal background in Europe.

The students will familiarize themselves with the relevant themes, structures and terminology and will develop an understanding of the interests of the parties involved as well as of the legal policy considerations which underlie the national and international law applicable to capital market transactions.

Upon completion of this module, the students will be able to recognize, analyze, evaluate and use the traditional and structured capital market prod- ucts that are employed in the international capital market. Furthermore, they will be familiar with the relevant transactional structures and the regulatory framework and will have learnt to consider these in practice. They will be able to determine, analyze and evaluate the interests of the parties involved. The students will also learn to apply the legal methods used in this area.

Credit Points:



Dr. Arne Klüwer, Oliver Dreher

Module Supervisor:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Cahn