Das neue Schuldverschreibungsrecht

The New German Bond Act

In collaboration with: Jan Walbrecht

Edited by: Theodor Baums


About this book

The new German Bond Act has yet to prove itself in practice. As part of a half-day conference, prominent specialists from academia and practice shared their opinions about current problems arising from the new bond legislation. This volume of the conference proceedings documents and archives the delivered presentations. The authors present their views on how to proceed with managing the legal problems that have arisen to date. Similarly, they offer reform suggestions for strengthening Germany’s position in the international competition between legal systems.

Author information

Theodor Baums, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.; Jan Walbrecht, Institute for Law and Finance Frankfurt a. M.

Volume 11 in the ILF Book Series
Publisher: De Gruyter


Published: July 15, 2013

ISBN: 9783110304510


Published: June 18, 2013

ISBN: 9783110304343