Die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft
Umsetzungsfragen und Perspektiven

Edited by: Theodor Baums and Andreas Cahn

About this book

In October 2004 the European stock corporation, or Societas Europaea (S.E.), has been made available in the EU as a European form of company. The discussion concerning a European stock corporation harks back to the 1950's. Then, in 2001, a surprising accord was reached after various failed attempts to establish a standard European stock corporation.

However, in many partially decisive areas this accord was only able to be reached through extensive compromises. That's why it's feared that there will not be a standard form of stock corporation, but rather a multitude of nationally characterized and partially quite different European stock corporations.

The conference arranged by the "foundational guest lecture series for international banking law" should provide insights from a comparative legal standpoint into the status and content of the implementation efforts in the relevant member nations of the EU. The volume at hand reproduces the lectures held at the conference.


"Die Beiträge in dem Sammelband stehen auf hohem, dem veranstaltendem Forum angemessenem Niveau und sind nicht nur für gesellschaftsrechtliche Experten, sondern für alle am weiteren Zusammenwachsen der europäischen Staaten politisch, wirtschaftlich, unternehmensbezogen oder rechtlich interessierten Bürgerinnen und Bürger lesenswert."
RA Dr. Claus Steiner in: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen, 5/2005

Author information

Theodor Baums holds the chair of the Institute for Banking Law and is Professor of Commercial and Civil Law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Institute for Law and Finance. Baums was a member of a German government commission to adopt takeover legislation, and chaired a German government commission on corporate governance. He has numerous publications on corporate and securities law.

Andreas Cahn is the Director of the Institute for Law and Finance, where he teaches in the areas of comparative corporate law and corporate finance. Before becoming the ILF's first Director, Cahn held a Chair in Civil Law, Commerce Law and Corporate Law at the University of Mannheim. Cahn has authored a number of studies in the areas of corporate law, capital markets law and civil law.

Volume 2 in the ILF Book Series
Publisher: De Gruyter


Published: February 6, 2015

ISBN: 9783110915785


Published:  October 25, 2004

ISBN: 9783899491821