Green Banking and Green Central Banking

Edited by: Andreas Dombret and Patrick S. Kenadjian


About this book

The books deals with the questions that really matter for green finance: Where will the money to finance the transition to a low carbon environment come from, how far do the banks’ balance sheets stretch and where will the rest of the money come from? How much can we rely on the capital markets, especially in the EU, to get money to the parts of the economy which really need it, without greenwashing? How do governments organize not just a transition, but a just transition to a low carbon environment? Is it time to revisit received ideas about the proper role for central

  • Deals with all questions that matter for green banking.
  • Shows possible concepts for green finance.
  • Discusses ideas about the proper role for central banks.

Author information

Andreas Dombret, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Patrick S. Kenadjian, London, UK

Volume 24 in the ILF Book Series
Publisher: De Gruyter


Published: October 11, 2021

ISBN: 9783110752892


Published: October 25, 2021

ISBN: 9783110752878