Too Big To Fail - Brauchen wir ein Sonderinsolvenzrecht für Banken?

Too Big To Fail – Do we need a Special Insolvency Law for Banks?

Edited by: Patrick S. Kenadjian

About this book

This volume from the “Institute for Law and Finance Series” (ILFS) brings together the presentations from the ILF conference “Too Big To Fail - Do we need a special insolvency law for banks?” (5 November 2010, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main). Following an introduction to the topic, the question is posed: should a special insolvency law for banks be introduced? In this context, existing approaches are critically examined such as the German Bank Restructuring Act. In addition to addressing the topics: the reasons for and instruments of bank insolvency proceedings, part of this book is dedicated to examining the protection of creditors. The conference proceedings include German and English language presentations.

  • Spiegelt den aktuellen Diskussionsstand zum Thema Bankeninsolvenzrecht wider

  • Beleuchtet mögliche Instrumentarien für eine Bankeninsolvenz

  • Berücksichtigt das Thema Gläubigerschutz bei Insolvenzverfahren für Finanzinstitute

Author information

Patrick S. Kenadjian, Universität Frankfurt am Main.

Volume 9 in the ILF Book Series
Publisher: De Gruyter


Published: November 30, 2011

ISBN: 9783110272512


Published:   November 17, 2011

ISBN: 9783110272208