European Competition Law


Course Description:

A transaction's success increasingly depends on its feasibility from an anti-trust perspective. The European Commission may block mergers and acquisitions or allow them only under certain conditions. Anti-cartel enforcement in Europe is growing rapidly, exposing companies to dawn-raids and fines of hundreds of millions of Euros. Market leaders such as Microsoft have to be aware that their actions in the market place, such as their pricing, promotions or licensing may be challenged as an abuse of dominance. All this happens in a world where competition laws are becoming more complex and more focused on economic concepts.

The course will introduce students to this world, discuss leading cases and provide practical guidance as to how European competition law affects businesses and their managers.


  • Introduction; Article 81 EC: Horizontal agreements between Competitors/Vertical agreements
  • Art. 82 EC I: Abuse of dominance
  • State monopolies; enforcement
  • Merger Control I
  • Merger control II
  • State aid

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Dr. Ingo Klauß